VIDEO: Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Votes Against Devastating Trumpcare bill

Bustos spoke on the floor of the House moments before the Trumpcare vote

 WASHINGTON– Today Congresswoman Cheri Bustos voted against the Washington Republicans’ Trumpcare bill which has been projected to kill nearly 2 million jobs, strip coverage from 24 million individuals, impose an age tax on older Americans and place nearly 700 rural hospitals at greater risk of closing their doors. Bustos, who spoke on the floor of the House moments before the vote, highlighted how this legislation would hurt millions of Americans from small towns, rural communities and Main Streets across the heartland.

“Congress should be spending every waking moment trying to put hardworking families first, but instead, on this day, Washington Republicans turned their backs on millions of Americans,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “Whether you’re an older American who will start paying an age tax, the parent of a child with a pre-existing condition who could have their health coverage ripped away or a small town American who relies on a rural hospital that’s now at greater risk of closing its doors, Trumpcare is a bad deal that will kill thousands of jobs while undermining the health and economic security of millions.”

Below are Rep. Bustos’ remarks as prepared:

Mr. Speaker, this is NOT how Washington is supposed to work.

We’re supposed to improve the lives of hardworking families.

Instead, this reckless and dangerous Trumpcare bill would undermine both the health and economic security of millions of Americans.

People like Emily Carlson.

She’s a small business owner and mother of two from rural Abingdon, Illinois.

She lives with M.S., a lifelong and very expensive pre-existing condition.

Before healthcare reform, Emily and her husband, Kevin, a farmer, often had to sit around the table at night, go over their bills and decide between sickness or debt from one month to the next.

If this bill passes, that’s a choice they’re going have to face once again.

For families like the Carlsons, Trumpcare means higher costs, fewer choices and worse coverage.

Trumpcare is a bad deal for Americans, but it’s devastating for rural Americans.

Right now there are nearly 700 rural hospitals at risk of closure.

This bill will pull the plug on far too many of them…

Killing thousands of jobs and ripping the economic heart out of small towns across our nation.

It’s time to put hardworking families first. Do the right thing and vote against this bill.