Mayor Leon Ricca - Bartonville, IL - 10/16/2017

“I don’t know what we would have done without the help of your office!!! We at the Village were literally at a loss when we realized the predicament that we were left in after our last bookkeeper was dismissed. We reached out to the IRS in June for help with abatement from penalties and interest charges due to our circumstances. But it wasn’t until your office got involved in August that we seemed to get the process moving. We contacted your office at the beginning of August and staff helped us file the correct forms and send them in to the correct department. Staff kept in contact with me during the process, updating me as it went along. Staff never made me feel as though it was a bother to help us or to update us! Your staff is an absolute blessing for your office as well as the people of Illinois! In September we received information from the IRS that they had granted us the waiver of penalties. What could have been a HUGE liability to the Village of Bartonville was recuded by $528.oo! I can’t thank you enough! We couldn’t have done this without your help! Thank you, Congresswoman Bustos.”

Leon Ricca, Mayor of Bartonville, IL

Jody M. Day - Moline, IL - 11/08/2017

“The Staff and Congresswoman Cheri Bustos were amazing. Absolutely went above and beyond to help me. I am forever grateful. My son was graduation from Army Boot Camp at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina on Sept. 7, 2018. Every family needed passes to be on base, also needing a background check to obtain that. I have a 7 year old felony (a minor charge). I was denied a pass of course. After numerous phone calls and sending letters and getting nowhere, I went to Cheri Bustos’ office. Staff was so sweet and respectful and went right to work with Ms. Bustos to help me! I am forever grateful to our Congresswoman for making it happen. The Garrison Commander at Ft. Jackson was happy to help Ms. Bustos!”

Jody M. Day, Moline

Jeff Brooks - Pekin, IL - 03/07/2016

“My son, Noah Brooks, will soon graduate from Pekin Community High School. His desire has been to work hard, earn his Eagle Scout rank, do well in school, and serve in a branch of the Armed Forces after high school. When my son was once rejected for a prior muscle injury by the IL Air Guard, and again by the Navy, I contacted Congresswoman Bustos’ office. We knew that we would need assistance convincing more senior military staff to look more closely at his case and the newest doctor reports that cleared him for all activities. Bustos’ office went immediately to work contacting the Air Guard and Navy on his behalf. I believe her inquiries helped draw attention to his case and he ultimately passed subsequent examinations and was sworn in in February.”

Jeff Brooks, Pekin

Viola Ratajczak - Sterling, IL - 10/10/2017

“Congresswoman Bustos’ office helped our family to have closure of the life of our dearly departed brother, Cpl.. Thomas Ciskitti, a MIA of the Korean War. Efforts in the past have resulted ‘that the records had been destroyed in a fire’ at the Department of the Army. They were able to get an official who found not only the records but also that it included witness statements of that fateful day of November 28,1950 near Yong-Su-Dong. We are so ever grateful and thankful of the efforts put forth. To know Tommy was to love him. A young man that loved life, his family and his country that he served not only int he Navy for two years but upon honorable discharge chose to enlist in the U.S. Army.”

Viola Ratajczek, Sterling

Ajay Selwal - Rockford, IL - 10/24/2018

“Hearty thanks for your efforts for my citizenship. I sent email to your office for my citizenship case with USCIS as it was delaying and staff, called USCIS and then called me right after my request and I am grateful for your efforts and help. Your staff members are amazing and they always updated me for progress of my case. I would give credit to Cheri Bustos and all staff members. I wish you all the best and thanks again for your kind help.”

Ajay Selwal, Rockford

Wesley Greenwood - Milan, IL. - 05/02/2015

“I was applying to the VA for assistance with dental, eye, and medicine costs. As I was told I didn’t qualify, I asked Cheri Bustos for assistance. Afterall, I served in the army, including 10 months in Korea and feel I deserved assistance. Cheri Bustos and her staff were great to work with and their diligence resulted in getting records from VA (I had them and they were destroyed in a fire.) I appreciate the efforts made by Cheri Bustos and her office.”

Wesley Greenwood, Milan

Mark Highland - Davis, IL. - 03/28/2016

“Thank you and your staff for helping me replace my father’s medals from his service in WWII. You and your staff are a credit to the people in your district.”

Mark Highland, Davis

Jackie Christopher - Rock Island, IL. - 03/20/2016

“My social security benefits were held up from October 2015 until March 2016. Even after numerous meetings with the agency, no action was taken on any issues. After contacting Cheri Bustos’ office, it took two intercessions by her office with great results. I am now receiving my social security benefits and received back pay from October to February. Thanks so much! I feel it still would not be resolved without your assistance.”

Jackie Christopher, Rock Island

Alan Massie - Milan, IL. - 03/07/2016

“I needed assistance in buying health insurance through the government marketplace and I asked Cheri Bustos for help. With her assistance, I was able to purchase health insurance with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2016. Her staff was prompt and very helpful.”

Alan Massie, Milan

Rudolph Rasso - Silvis, IL. - 02/29/2016

“I learned the hard way that working with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could be a literal nightmare. As executor of my brother’s estate, I had submitted his professionally-prepared tax documents so that his remaining assets could be distributed as his will directed. Soon after I sent his taxes to the IRS, I was notified that a death certificate was necessary, so that was sent without delay. And then, we waited and waited and waited some more for the modest refund to arrive. After eight months and four visits to the Davenport IRS office (requiring several hours of waiting for service) the situation still wasn’t resolved. In desperation, we sought the help of Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. Immediately after calling Ms. Bustos’ Rock Island office, we were contacted by staff member Tiana McCall. Within the week, she was able to determine the source of the problem and assisted us with its resolution. She continued to follow through until the long-anticipated refund check was at last received. The response on the part of Ms. McCall was professional, prompt, and in my opinion, absolutely impressive, given the prolonged runaround that my wife and I previously endured with the IRS. We now know that Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ office is the place to START if we experience any federally-related problems again, particularly those involving tax matters. It’s nice to know that someone out there really ‘has your back.’ Thank you, Congresswoman Bustos.”

Rudolph Rasso, Silvis

Clarence DeLoach - Moline, IL. - 02/19/2016

“For two years I have been getting appointments with the V.A. hospital way beyond the 30 days acceptable for vets. I received a Veterans’ Choice Card back in 2014 and again in September 2015. They told me I was eligible, but kept delaying appointments to my doctor of choice. So I went to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ office and talked to her Veteran’s Advocate. She assured me she would look into the matter ASAP. Within a week the VA Hospital called me and helped me get an appointment with the doctor of my choice. They uploaded all the medical info to the Choice program appointment people. Two days later, Josh, the Choice Champ for the V.A. hospital in Iowa City called me and let me know there was a congressional investigation into this matter, and we were only waiting for Choice to make the appointment, and if they did not call me with an appointment to let him know by the end of week. I called Josh and he made some calls for me and by the end of the day he had the appointment confirmed. In my opinion this would not have happened without Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ Veterans Advocate!”

Clarence DeLoach from Moline