Donald Fentem

“After not hearing any response from the IRS to why the 8-week delay in returning my federal tax refund, I turned to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ office for help. Her office staff member guided me through various paper forms and then she contacted the Taxpayers Advocate Service. That group responded to me, saying the original e-filed […]

Steven Robert Carlson

“First of all, I’d like to thank you and your office for the successful attempt to help me in acquiring the Military awards that were not included on my records after I was discharged from the Navy in December 1972.” “When I found information on the internet in 2015 during my recuperation from triple bi-pass […]

Michael L. Miroux

“Beginning in April 0f 2012, I began the task of obtaining my father’s military records while he enlisted in the Army. I initially contacted the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, to determine if the records were available. The records needed to answer my inquiry were destroyed on July 12, 1973, by a […]

Sandra K. Hauer

“I applied for disability in 2013 because of my severe COPD but kept getting denied. In 2016 I hired a lawyer then finally came to see Cheri Bustos and without her help I never would have had such a fast hearing. She is the best. I was approved and paid back since 2013. Thank you […]