James Patrick Bruner

“I contacted Congresswoman Bustos office after requesting my DD214 and noticing I didn’t have all service ribbons on it. After contacting the office I promptly received a phone call. I then filled out all the paperwork they sent me. Shortly after mailing it back I received a letter telling me of the progress of my […]

Daniel Williams

“I am a Vietnam veteran. I sent an ‘Application For Correction of Military Record’ with two requests: 1) I feel that I was wrongly reduced in rank prior to discharge and would like the rank of Sergeant reinstated. 2) The Bronze Star is missing my list of medals. I would like this corrected. I mailed […]

Franki Cunningham

“I am my father’s guardian. For the past several years I had been receiving my fathers 1099’s for taxes from DFAS. I did not receive them for 2016. I contacted DFAS and they informed me that they sent them to his former address. I informed that I needed a change of address. They could not […]

Donald Fentem

“After not hearing any response from the IRS to why the 8-week delay in returning my federal tax refund, I turned to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ office for help. Her office staff member guided me through various paper forms and then she contacted the Taxpayers Advocate Service. That group responded to me, saying the original e-filed […]