ICYMI from Vox: Bustos Brings Third-Generation Family Farmer to State of the Union to Highlight Impact of Trade War

CLICK HERE for a photo of Rep. Bustos and Tom Mueller, a third-generation family farmer from Edgington, Illinois

WASHINGTON – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos will be joined by Tom Mueller at tonight’s State of the Union Address. Mueller is a third-generation family farmer from Edgington, Illinois – and like so many farmers across our region, he’s been impacted by the reckless trade policies from the White House that have resulted in fewer markets and retaliatory tariffs on agricultural goods. Read more below:

Vox: Trump will have a farmer who is angry about his trade wars in the audience at his State of the Union

  • Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) is bringing a farmer from Trump country to the State of the Union address to send the president a clear message: Farmers aren’t happy with Trump’s trade agenda.
  • “This administration’s trade policies have been a gut punch to Illinois farmers,” Bustos said in a statement Monday, announcing Tom Mueller, a family farmer from Edgington, Illinois, as her guest for Tuesday’s address. Bustos represents a northern Illinois district that Trump narrowly won in 2016. She’s been seen as Democrats’ Trump voter whisperer.
  • Mueller, Bustos’s State of the Union guest, is a farmer of corn, soybeans, hay, and beef cattle farmer, and says he’s “afraid the president’s trade war has lost markets for us long term.”
  • The impact of tariffs on US agriculture is no joke. Prices for agricultural products like soybeans dropped to a 10-year low last summer, making farmers across various markets increasingly nervous about how their business will fare if the trade war continues.