Member Designated Projects

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is accepting Member Designated Project (MDP) requests for consideration in 2021 Surface Transportation Authorization Legislation. The Committee encouraged “projects that will help advance the goals of the surface transportation authorization legislation, which include building a safer transportation network, increasing access, strengthening our multi-modal transportation systems, reducing carbon pollution, enhancing environmental justice, supporting underserved communities, and improving state of good repair of our Nation’s infrastructure.”

Congresswoman Bustos has submitted seven projects within IL-17 for the Committee’s consideration. Please note that a project being submitted does NOT guarantee that a project will receive funding.

Projects Requested (in alphabetical order by project sponsor):

Project Name: Greater Downtown Master Plan Phase 4A
Project Sponsor: City of East Moline
Project Location: 7th Street 15th – 12th Ave; 15th Avenue 7th – 10th St 61244
Requested Amount: $4,946,000
Description: The funding is designated for upgrading and enhancing the movability and aesthetic appeal of the downtown area while connecting the downtown areas with a previously blighted, but newly redeveloped, properties including parks, outdoor concert venues, outdoor dining and gathering spaces and businesses. The project will include upgrades to sidewalks, roads, parking, stormwater best management practices and way finding, as well as new stormwater management systems, sidewalks and way finding signage.  The project will also encourage walking and biking and other modes of transportation to support cleaner air and stormwater quality.

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and is anticipated to have the following benefits: enhancing environmental justice through safe connections between various levels of socio-economic, minority, and ethnic groups and neighborhoods in support of undeserved communities; improving safety and navigability of streets, sidewalks and other modes of transportation; and encouraging business development in the downtown area of East Moline.
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Proposed Midwest Medical Center Entrance and Highway Improvements
Project Sponsor: City of Galena
Project Location: US Route 20/IL Route 84 at Golf View Drive, Galena, Illinois, 61036
Requested Amount: $2,000,000
Description: The funding is designated for the relocation of the main entrance for the Midwest Medical Center from Norris Lane to the existing intersection of US Route 20/IL Route 84 at Golf View Drive. The new entrance will become a fourth approach to the existing intersection. Dedicated northbound and southbound left-turn lanes and a southbound right-turn lane will be constructed along US Route 20/IL Route 84 as part of this project.

The existing intersection at Golf View Drive has been the site of several crashes. The current design requires motorists wanting to turn left onto Golf View Drive to have to wait in the active travel lane, which is currently posted at 50-miles-per-hour. The speed differential results in a significant risk for severe injuries when crashes occur.

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and is anticipated to have the following benefits: the proposed realignment and addition of dedicated turn lanes will remove waiting motorists from the active travel stream, improving safety for all users, while also providing more efficient access to the medical center.
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Monmouth Boulevard Reconstruction
Project Sponsor: City of Galesburg
Requested Amount: $5,410,000
Project Location: Monmouth Boulevard, 61401
Description: The funding is designated for the reconstruction of Monmouth Boulevard, a main arterial route in the SW area of the City. The street connects to IL Rte. 41 on the west and Henderson St on the east, which is another main arterial street. The street is currently in poor condition and the curbs and gutters and sidewalks have deteriorated beyond repair. This project will remove all of the existing 5 lane pavement, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and sidewalks, and storm sewer inlets, and replace them with a new 3 lane concrete pavement, concrete sidewalks and curbs and gutters, and a multi-use path.

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and is anticipated to have the following benefits: improving traffic flow and safety, facilitating a main truck route, accommodating pedestrians and cyclists, reducing storm water runoff,  and providing a green corridor by reducing roadway width and planting grass and trees.
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Adams/Jefferson 2-Way Conversion
Project Sponsor: City of Peoria
Project Location: Adams Street from Walnut Street to Hamilton Boulevard and Jefferson Street from Walnut Street to Fayette Street in Peoria, IL 61602
Requested Amount: $5,000,000
Description: The funding is designated for converting Adams and Jefferson Streets to two-way traffic to improve access to businesses downtown, provide direct access to I-74 eastbound and reduce emissions by providing direct access to destinations. Mast arm mounted signals will be constructed at the eight intersections, improving the signal visibility. Signals will be upgraded for two-way traffic at four other intersections. The proposed cross section is one lane each way with a center turn lane and a bike lane. Bump-outs and new ADA ramps will be constructed at corners to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility.

Downtown Peoria is an urban commercial district. In 1951 Adams and Jefferson Streets were converted to one-way traffic to move vehicles through downtown as fast as possible. History shows one-way streets lead to increased speeds, pedestrian barriers, and hinder property access.  In 2012 Peoria converted portions of Adams and Jefferson Streets back to two-way operations.

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and is anticipated to have the following benefits: increasing safety by slowing traffic speeds; decreasing vehicle trips; reducing the pedestrian crossing distance; and providing safe bicycle access.
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: 9th Street Two-Way Conversion (Whitman Interchange)
Project Sponsor: City of Rockford
Project Location: Second Street (IL-251) & Whitman Street Interchange, 9th and 6th streets 61107, 61104
Requested Amount: $4,050,000
Description: The funding is designated for converting 9th Street/Longwood Street to two-way traffic, from Charles Street to the Whitman Street/6th Street Ramp, thus increasing access and emergency vehicle response time from the west side of the City to East State Street and SwedishAmerican Hospital. In addition, intersection improvements including signal upgrades, and ADA improvements would be addressed at 9th Street & State Street and 9th Street & Charles Street. Ninth Street/Longwood Street is a minor arterial with an AADT between 9,000 near Charles Street and 14,500 to the northern portion. Ninth Street is currently part of a one-way pair along with 6th Street. The conversion of 9th Street to two-way traffic will allow traffic from Whitman Street to access State Street farther east, near the eastern limits of Downtown Rockford.

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and is anticipated to have the following benefits: increasing safety by slowing traffic speeds; decreasing vehicle trips; and increasing emergency vehicle response times.
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: McConnell Road Intersection and Roadway Improvements
Project Sponsor: Stephenson County
Project Location: McConnell Road 61032
Requested Amount: $2,528,200
Description: The funding is designated for the reconfiguration of the intersection at IL Route 26 and McConnell Rd, the reconstruction of McConnell Rd from IL Rte 26 to Afolkey Rd, and the repair of McConnell Rd over Cedar Creek. The proposed improvements are necessary to address immediate safety needs and to better accommodate the heavy truck traffic for businesses in the area. The McConnell Rd Intersection Improvements include overlaying the existing mainline surface of IL Rte 26, the widening of both sides of IL Rte 26, the addition of a southbound left turn lane from IL Rte 26 to McConnell Rd, and the addition of curb & gutter. These improvements will increase safety and better accommodate traffic turning off the IL Rte 26 mainline. The current pavement conditions of McConnell Rd are completely deteriorated. A complete reconstruction is needed to accommodate heavy truck traffic from local businesses in the area.

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and is anticipated to have the following benefits: increasing safety along a piece of road seeing heavy truck traffic and better accommodating the flow of traffic received on this road.
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Community Project Funding

The House Appropriations Committee is accepting Community Project Funding requests for consideration in FY22 appropriations bills. This new initiative is coupled with stringent eligibility, ethics and transparency guardrails. Only nonprofit organizations and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments are eligible to receive funding through this process. In addition, only projects with evidence of strong support from the community will be considered by the Committee.

Congresswoman Bustos has submitted 10 projects to the Committee for consideration. Please note that a project being submitted does NOT guarantee that a project will receive funding.

In compliance with House Rules and Committee requirements, Congresswoman Bustos has certified that she, her spouse, and her immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects she has requested.

Projects Requested (in alphabetical order by project sponsor):

Project Name: Former Harrison School Demolition
Project Sponsor: City Peoria
Location: 2815 West Krause Avenue, Peoria, IL 61605
Description: Demolishing the former Harrison School building will serve the health and safety of residents in one of Peoria’s oldest neighborhoods. The property has sat vacant and abandoned for multiple years and falls on the responsibility of the City to maintain, secure and demolish. The building is a major blighting influence on the neighborhood and attracts crime and creates other health hazards.  The structure has dilapidated to the point that it is a large source of blight in the neighborhood, attracting crime and posing a threat to residents who may venture inside.

Demolishing the former Harrison School is a priority because of its massive footprint in the neighborhood where it once served as a guiding influence for neighborhood children and an employer of residents. It is now a hazardous eyesore representing a block to new development and reinvestment in the neighborhood. For over a decade, the property has changed hands between different private property owners who were unable to afford making the necessary investments to improve the property. This project would have an incredible positive impact on the residents of 61605, one of the most distressed communities in the nation.
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Construction of Community Center and Expansion of Library at East Dubuque District Library
Project Sponsor: East Dubuque Library & Community Center
Project Location: 122 Wisconsin Ave. East Dubuque, IL 61025
Description: This funding will be used for the construction of a community center to serve the growing needs of the community, providing meeting and programming spaces for patrons, area residents, visitors, organizations, and social service agencies and their clients.

The East Dubuque District Library already hosts and facilitates meetings for seventeen community organizations and social service agencies. This expansion is essential to continue serving their needs to provide safety, economic assistance, protection from domestic and sexual abuse, and solutions to other inequities. Safe and ample spaces are also needed for clients, for library patrons, and for community gatherings. This has been a recognized need for over ten years and is a priority for the region, as evidenced by the letters of support. With this funding, this long-awaited facility can come to fruition.
Requested Amount: $400,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Anaerobic Digester Upgrade and Conversion of Secondary Digester
Project Sponsor: Galesburg Sanitary District
Location: 2700 W Main St, Galesburg, IL 61401
Description: The funding would be used to clean and improve the number 4 digester (built in 1970) for better, more efficient mixing, while adding biogas monitoring and safety equipment, and to convert the secondary digester (built in 1944) to a primary digester with the addition of internal mixing, boiler/heat exchanger, and biogas monitoring and safety equipment.

Galesburg Sanitary District operates a nearly century-old facility that cannot meet current environmental regulations. This project is part of the replacement plan for a new Waste Water Treatment Plant. Reusing the existing infrastructure was determined to be the most cost-effective means to accomplish the necessary stabilization of plant-produced biosolids, enabling the continued beneficial reuse of those biosolids as fertilizer on farm ground owned by the District, and the continued capture and reuse of digester gas. The project will help ensure compliance with current and future NPDES permit limits. This project as outlined is expected to cost approximately $1,500,000, and the District is poised to commence construction as soon as funds are assured, with local matching funds available. This work will be of use both with the existing infrastructure as well as the new plant, when it is fully operational.
Requested Amount: $1,200,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Peoria Cradle to Career Initiative
Project Sponsor: Illinois Central College
Location: 5407 N. University Street, Peoria, IL  61614
Description: The funding would be used to jump start the Peoria Cradle to Career Initiative (CC), a comprehensive community-based strategy designed to address the critical needs of children and families of Peoria, Illinois Zip Code 61605, one of the most distressed communities in America. The project lays the foundation for the forthcoming program through important assessments of each family’s education, workforce training, employment, housing, healthcare, and other needs to become productive and successful members of their community.

With a Distressed Communities Index Score of 99.6 out of 100, Peoria 61605 is ranked as one of the most distressed areas in the nation, according to an analysis of more than 25,000 zip codes conducted by the Economic Innovation Group, with problems ranging from low education attainment, high crime rate, unemployment, poor health outcomes and inadequate infrastructure. To achieve its objectives, Peoria CCI has developed a series of pipeline solutions including education improvement activities to support early childhood readiness, family resource navigation services, academic success coaching, workforce training, summer bridge programming and digital and financial literacy development.
Requested Amount: $500,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Automation Annex
Project Sponsor: Morrison Institute of Technology
Location: 701 Portland Ave., Morrison, Il 61270
Description: The Automation Annex will house the equipment, classrooms, and lab space for Morrison Tech’s Automation Process Controls Engineering Technology Program. The purpose of the program is to support regional stakeholders (educators, students, manufacturers, etc.) as they teach, learn, or implement automation and process control systems necessary for competition in the global marketplace. Workforce development and support services for Automation and Intelligent Process Controls are areas of critical importance to the resiliency and growth of regional industry, especially with rural population decline and reduced workforce availability.
Requested Amount: $1,500,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Climate Resilience and Biomanufacturing Initiative
Project Sponsor: National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (Peoria Ag Lab)
Location: 1815 N University St, Peoria, IL 61604
Description: This project would initiate novel research programs to develop and utilize crops that improve the climate resilience and sustainability of food and energy production, foster new economic opportunities for rural communities and biomanufacturing industries, and enhance the safety and security of the food supply.  This initiative has three major components developed in response to specific stakeholder and national needs focused on wheat and barley, sorghum, and industrial hemp.

Implementation of this stakeholder driven research requires the construction of a climate-controlled greenhouse and addition of scientists and staff across four research units at NCAUR working under USDA-ARS National Programs for Food Safety (NP108) and Product Quality and New Uses (NP306).
Requested Amount: $4,500,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: New Outpatient Behavioral Health Care Clinic
Project Sponsor: Rosecrance, Inc.
Location: 15 N. Galena Ave., Freeport, IL 61032
Description: The funding would be used to fill a gap in services by providing access to critical treatment to patients, regardless of insurance coverage. In 2019, the FHN Community Health Needs Assessment identified behavioral healthcare as a top priority issue facing the community. This was demonstrated through an increasingly higher level of suicide and more emergency room visits for behavioral health needs. Unfortunately, the suicide rate was significantly higher in Stephenson County than the state, reflecting the need for more behavioral health services. Additionally, HRSA has identified Stephenson County in need of at least 3.41 FTE mental health providers to achieve the target population to practitioner ratio, without even considering the shortage of SUD treatment providers in the County.

The proposed Rosecrance outpatient clinic will provide high-quality, evidence-based care in a setting that is therapeutic and conducive for healing for mental health and substance abuse patients. The proposed clinic would be staffed with four clinicians – two mental health clinicians and two substance abuse clinicians, and would offer at least 4 hours of telepsychiatry per week. The clinic would offer both individual and group services targeted to meet patient needs.
Requested Amount: $300,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Business Ownership Lifecycle Activities
Project Sponsor: Western Illinois University
Location: 3300 River Dr, Moline, IL 61265
Description: The funding would be used to expand the capacity of its Quad Cities (QC) campus to drive innovation and small business success along the business ownership lifecycle. WIU intends to do this in three ways: (i) Promote New Business Startups through Entrepreneurship Training, (ii) Help Existing Small Businesses enter New Markets through Procurement, and (iii) Encourage Late Stage Small Businesses to Create Business Succession Plans and Exit Strategies.

According to the most recent Illinois Small Business Profile published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), there were 1.2 million small businesses in Illinois. Small businesses employed 2.1 million people, representing 45% of the Illinois private sector labor force. In the 17th Congressional District there are counties such as Jo Daviess, Carroll, and Mercer, where 15% or more of the entire labor force is self-employed. This proposal builds on WIU current success as it reaches out to minority and women entrepreneurs in the Quad Cities and across northwestern Illinois. WIU plans to initiate local and regional procurement technical assistance to help small businesses, including minority and women-owned businesses, navigate the procurement process. This is an underserved market in the Quad Cities and northwestern Illinois. Finally, studies show a majority of small businesses do not maintain succession plans. This initiative would launch a region-wide business succession planning initiative that will include an online business succession-planning toolkit, a marketing strategy to ensure people know about the resource, and will deliver a series of business succession planning workshops in the Quad Cities and across the 17th Congressional District.
Requested Amount: $400,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Youth Equity Center
Project Sponsor: YMCA of Rock River Valley
Location: 220 E State St. Rockford, IL 61104
Description: The funding would be used to introduce programming focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and addressing social determinants of health by opening a Youth Equity Center. This center would address food insecurity & anti-hunger, support college & career readiness, increase child & family stability, promote healthy lifestyles, and increase social responsibility. The building will require some upgrades, including an updated kitchen, a fitness center and gymnasium, a music studio and a remodeled multi-purpose room. Programming includes a nutritional director, program staffing, and physical and mental health services, an after-school and a weekend and summer program, all designed to keep youth engaged and receiving the services that can help them build the necessary social determinants of health to be successful.

This project provides a unique opportunity to address systemic and structural issues that negatively impact our youth. The community of Rockford is faced with the “fierce urgency of now” with more than 50% of students in Rockford Public Schools District 205 failing and middle school students facing the most significant challenges in their education and experiencing the highest failure rate. RPS 205 has a 66% Graduation Rate compared to an 86% national average. Additionally, our community has seen a 100% increase in youth crime from 2019 to 2020.
Requested Amount: $750,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Upper Mississippi River – Illinois WW System, IL, IA, MN, MO & WI (Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program)
Project Sponsor: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Rock Island District
Description: Congress recognized the importance of the Upper Mississippi River—Illinois Waterway System (IL, IA, MN, MO, and WI) (UMRS) in the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1986 by designating it as the only nationally significant ecosystem and commercial navigation system. Unfortunately, delays in construction continue to threaten the reliability of the overall productivity of the waterway.

Shippers have legitimate concerns about the age of this structure and increases in planned and emergency lock outages. According to a study prepared for the National Waterways Foundation and the U.S. Maritime Administration, estimated costs of an unplanned closure of Lock 25 alone would result in a $1.57 billion loss to the economy, impacting 132 counties in 17 states. Many farmers and businesses in IL-17 rely on the UMRS to ship crops or goods to market, but America’s competitiveness in foreign markets shrinks each year without a new start. With 60 percent of our nation’s grain exports traveling on the UMRS, we cannot afford to let this situation worsen.  NESP provides the opportunity to address these reliability issues, protect this infrastructure from catastrophic failure and provide roughly 10,000 construction jobs over the lifetime of the program, which is about 20 years of construction.
Requested Amount: $22,500,000
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter

Project Name: Construct Air National Guard Civil Engineer Complex
Project Sponsor: Illinois National Guard
Project Location: Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (ANG), Springfield, Illinois, 62707
Requested Amount: $10,200,000
Description: The funding would be used for construction of a 24,300 SF facility that consolidates seven poorly configured and deteriorating facilities into one BCE complex to support combat engineer training and the sustainment, maintenance, modernization and operations of the installation and it’s two primary CRF and Air Operations Group Missions. The 183d Wing’s Base Civil Engineer (BCE) functions are housed in seven separate buildings on three sites at opposite ends of the base. The unit is forced to conduct “split drills” 20% of the year due to lack of space. Three BCE buildings (2, 3, and 47) do not meet Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection requirements. Two of the facilities are over 50 years old, designed to house other military functions, and are not suited for the BCE’s mission. Lack of an integrated BCE complex generates span of control challenges, a loss of mission synergy and man-hours. All seven facilities have high operating and maintenance costs and are energy inefficient. Their mechanical systems are approaching the end of their useful life cycle and two of the buildings have compromised building envelopes resulting in poor occupant comfort. The 183 Wing has completed the design of the BCE Complex and has 100% construction documents that are ready for bidding. The 183 Civil Engineer Squadron and 183 Contracting Office are ready and willing to execute this construction contract when able to award.
Certification of No Financial Interest: Letter