DPCC Co-Chair Bustos: TrumpCare Rips Out Beating Heart of Rural America

Countdown Continues to 100th Day of Trump Presidency; Trump Breaks His Promises On Health Care and Puts Millions at Risk

 WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, Co-Chair of the House Democratic Policy & Communications Committee (DPCC), today joined House and Senate Democrats to discuss President Trump’s broken promises on health care during his failed first 100 days in office and the serious impact TrumpCare would inflict on communities across the country.

 If enacted, TrumpCare would result in higher health costs for families; 24 million more uninsured Americans; an “age tax” that would leave Americans ages 50-64 much worse off; and depleting the Medicare Trust Fund by more than $100 billion.  For the nation’s small towns and farming areas, hundreds of rural hospitals could be forced to close their doors, putting the health of millions of Americans in the heartland at risk.

Click here to read a special report released today on President Trump’s broken promises on health care.

Below are excerpts from Ms. Bustos’ remarks and a link to the video:

Click here to watch the video or here for pictures from the press conference.

“When you look at areas that Donald Trump made a lot of promises to, and that showed up overwhelming in support of him, that would be rural America. That’s the kind of Congressional district I represent.”

“In the counties I represent there are 16 rural hospitals and clinics. In many of these communities they are the largest employer and they are among the jobs that pay the best so they are very important. From that perspective, we’re talking about 60,000 jobs in the state of Illinois that are at risk under this TrumpCare Bill – and nationally that’s almost two million jobs…When I look at rural America, and look at my Congressional district, Donald Trump is looking at ripping out the beating heart of rural America and probably the gizzard too.”

“This [bill] is literally putting peoples’ lives at risk. In the Midwest, where I’ve lived my entire life, we have a firm belief in looking people in the eye and telling the truth. What we’ve seen in these almost 100 days is that what Donald Trump says and what Donald Trump does end up being two different things.”

“I said on the day that Donald Trump was elected – I said it on the day that he was inaugurated – that I’m willing to work with him if he wants to make sure he’s taking care of the people I represent, hard-working men and women. But if he doesn’t do that, he’s going to have a fight on his hands. And right now, he’s got a fight on his hands.”