Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Statement on President Trump’s Meeting with Vladimir Putin

“President Trump should be holding Russia accountable for its attack on our nation, instead he stood at a podium and essentially gave Vladimir Putin a pass to do whatever he wants. There is unanimous consensus among our law enforcement leaders, intelligence community and foreign affairs experts that Russia carried out a coordinated strike on our last election – the only person who refuses to accept the truth is the one person who benefitted the most from it, President Trump. We must allow the Mueller investigation to follow the facts wherever they lead, without any political interference, because the American people demand accountability.

“As the President continues his attack on our media, our intelligence community and our core democratic principles, it’s the American people who pay the price every day – through a trade war that’s hurting hardworking farmers across the heartland to rising prescription drug prices that undermine families across our nation. There is a very real cost to this never-ending dysfunction coming out of the White House.”

Underscoring the non-partisan fact that Russia did attack our election in 2016, Bustos pointed to a statement by Republican Speaker Paul Ryan today that there is “no question that Russia interfered in our election.”