Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Introduces Her First Bill, The Government Waste Reduction Act

The Government Waste Reduction Act Would Reduce Duplicative Services And Root Out Waste In Government While Preserving Crucial Services And Programs

This Bill Moves Forward On Common Sense Recommendations The GAO Made But Haven’t Been Implemented

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) introduced the Government Waste Reduction Act, a common sense bill that would reduce duplicative services and root out waste in government, while preserving crucial services and programs.  The bill moves forward on recommendations the Government Accountability Office (GAO) made in reports to Congress in March of 2011 and in February of 2012 that would reduce duplication in government, save taxpayer money and enhance revenue.

For example, the federal government has 47 job training programs, 44 of which overlap.  Simply consolidating programs that overlap can save tens of billions of dollars while not impacting program quality.

The Government Waste Reduction Act is the first piece of legislation that Bustos has introduced.

“Like many across our district that I’ve heard from firsthand, I learned at a young age that balancing the family budget and living within our means is a question of values,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.  “Instead of balancing the federal budget on the backs of Illinois middle class families, seniors and veterans, we can start by reducing duplicative services and rooting out waste in government.  That’s why the Government Waste Reduction Act is the first bill that I have chosen to introduce.

“My common sense bill would reduce unnecessary duplicative government services and save hard-earned taxpayer money while protecting crucial services and programs that folks across Illinois’ 17th Congressional District rely on,” continued Bustos.  “This represents a good first step toward getting our country back on sound fiscal footing without hurting our middle class.”

The Government Waste Reduction Act

  • This bill establishes the Independent Government Waste Reduction Board which would be tasked with developing detailed and specific legislative proposals related to the GAO recommendations and sending them to Congress.
  • The Board would consist of 15 Members, 6 determined by the House (3 by Majority and 3 by Minority), 6 by the Senate (3 by Majority and 3 by Minority), and 3 by the Administration.
  • Each proposal made to Congress would result in a decrease of overall government spending or enhance government revenue.
  • Congress gets an up-or-down vote on the proposal.
  • No proposals could cut benefits for veterans, members of the Armed Forces, or for seniors, including Medicare and Social Security.

Read the Text of the Government Waste Reduction Act