Congresswoman Bustos Statement on the State of the Union

“While I was pleased to hear President Trump offering to work across the aisle tonight, it doesn’t negate the fact that he’s pursued a highly partisan agenda in his first year rather than keeping his word to hardworking Americans across the Heartland. I hope that the President is sincere in his offer of a more bipartisan 2018 because we have a real opportunity to put millions of Americans to work rebuilding our roads, bridges and other crumbling infrastructure projects across our nation. I look forward to closely examining the President’s infrastructure proposal once it’s released because passing the buck to local taxpayers or expecting private businesses to foot the bill for roads in small town America isn’t going to cut it.

“While President Trump spent a significant portion of tonight’s speech talking about his new tax law, he neglected to mention that his bill includes economic incentives for companies to ship good-paying American jobs overseas. While I strongly support tax cuts for middle-class Americans, we should have put hardworking families ahead of billionaires and corporate special interests.

“As I said on the night President Trump was elected – I’m willing to work with him if he’ll actually work toward a real bipartisan agenda, but if not, he’s going to continue to have a fight on his hands.”