Congresswoman Bustos Statement on President Trump’s Decision to Raise Health Care Costs and Undermine Access

Rather than working across the aisle to lower costs and fix what’s broken, Trump’s decision to end Cost Sharing Subsidies means he fully owns any future problems in health care

“President Trump directly promised there would be ‘insurance for everybody’ and health care would be a ‘lot less expensive.’ His decision to take away funding that millions of Americans rely on to see a doctor is the very definition of a broken promise. There is no gray area here. When Americans see their health insurance bills increasing and lose access to quality care, it will be because of Donald Trump and Washington Republicans. I call on my colleagues in the Republican majority to stand up to President Trump and Speaker Ryan by working with us to stop the president from taking this action. Instead of sticking millions of Americans with skyrocketing health care costs, Republicans should work across the aisle to lower the cost of coverage and expand access to more Americans.”