Congresswoman Bustos Releases 2nd “Hear from the Heartland” Story about Trumpcare

Kathy Pearson from Galena speaks about how all six of her immediate family members have pre-existing conditions whose coverage could be undermined if Trumpcare becomes law

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) released her second “Hear from the Heartland” video featuring Kathy and Ron Pearson from Galena. Of the seven people in their immediate family, Kathy is the only one without a pre-existing condition and, in this video, she shares her concerns about how Trumpcare could undermine basic health protections for her husband and family. Specifically, Kathy discusses how one of her daughters has ulcerative colitis. Her daughter’s care currently costs about $13,000 every two months, but because her pre-existing condition is covered, her insurance company pays the majority of it. If Trumpcare passes, individuals with expensive pre-existing conditions – like Kathy’s daughter – could be priced out of the market or forced into expensive high risk pools, undermining access to affordable care.

“What really matters the most about health care isn’t the political drama in Washington, it’s the hardworking families like the Pearsons who would be hurt by Trumpcare,” Congresswoman Bustos said. “I launched ‘Hear from the Heartland’ to give folks like Kathy Pearson a platform to voice concerns about how Trumpcare could undermine the health and economic wellbeing of her daughters who have serious pre-existing conditions. Non-partisan analyses have clearly shown that Trumpcare would kick 23 million Americans off of their coverage, undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions and impose an expensive age tax on older Americans. We need to work together to make health care more accessible and affordable, but Trumpcare would take us in the wrong direction by hurting millions of families like the Pearsons.”

You can watch the Pearson’s “Hear from the Heartland” video below:

Bustos, a former newspaper reporter, launched “Hear from the Heartland” as a way for people from the 17th Congressional District to make their voices heard as the future of health care for them and their families is debated in Washington. Over the next several weeks, she will continue releasing additional interviews she has been holding with her constituents.

On May 24th – in response to the latest non-partisan analysis of Trumpcare – Bustos released her first “Hear from the Heartland” video featuring Anastasia Aldridge and her son, Gryphon, who lives with cerebral palsy. If Trumpcare’s deep cuts to Medicaid become law, critical funding to help Gryphon reach his full potential will be slashed and put a major financial strain on the Aldridge family.

You can watch Anastasia and Gryphon’s story by clicking below: