Congresswoman Bustos Fights to Stop TrumpCare in Floor Speech

WASHINGTON – This afternoon, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos took to the Floor of the House to highlight how Illinoisans would be hurt if TrumpCare becomes law. The bill, which has virtually no support outside of Washington, is expected to be voted on tomorrow.

Below is the text of Congresswoman Bustos’ remarks from this afternoon:


Mr. Speaker,

During the last few weeks, my office has heard from literally hundreds of concerned Illinoisans about TrumpCare.

I’ve heard from a heart attack survivor whose prescription medication would go from affordable to $1,000 per day under this plan.

I’ve heard from Americans ages 50 to 64, I happen to be in that group, who are worried about paying an age tax of five times more than others.

Just in the last 24 hours, I heard from two more groups who are standing against TrumpCare.

And, no, they aren’t partisan political groups.

The first is the Illinois Health and Hospital Association which represents more than 200 hospitals in the state of Illinois…

They oppose Trumpcare because it means taking health coverage away from hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans while killing the jobs of another 60,000 hardworking people in my state.

The second group is the National Farmers Union.

They understand that TrumpCare’s drastic cuts could force hundreds of rural hospitals to close their doors.

So I’m left wondering, who exactly supports TrumpCare?

Mr. Speaker, instead of throwing 24 million Americans off their coverage, let’s work across the aisle to improve health care for all, not just the richest among us.