Congresswoman Bustos Again Calls on President Trump to Stop Breaking his Promise to End Outsourcing

Introduced in January, Bustos’ first legislation of the 115th Congress would require Trump to deliver a comprehensive plan to stop the outsourcing of American jobs

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos once again called on President Trump to stop breaking his promise to end the outsourcing of American jobs. In January, Congresswoman Bustos introduced the Overseas Outsourcing Accountability Act which would require President Donald Trump to develop a national strategy to stop outsourcing and allow Congress to measure its success through a review every two years. This legislation does not require President Trump to follow a prescribed path; however, it would rein in his inconsistent behavior by requiring him to put a real strategy down on paper for working families to evaluate.

“As a candidate, Donald Trump repeatedly pledged to bring back manufacturing jobs and end outsourcing, but as we approach his 100th day in office, he’s failing to keep that promise,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “The words that come out of the President’s mouth used to mean something – that’s why I introduced the Overseas Outsourcing Accountability Act. The hardworking men and women of our manufacturing industries deserve a real plan that will create jobs, grow our economy and end outsourcing. I am hopeful that as we move ahead, President Trump and Washington Republicans will realize that we can’t keep governing from crisis to crisis or from tweet to tweet. We need a real strategy with clear and measurable goals to make sure the economy is working for all Americans.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized companies for shipping jobs overseas, but has yet to put a plan in place that would keep manufacturing jobs in America. In fact, many of his public statements have been contradictory, lacking basic detail or flat-out false. Previously, Mr. Trump has said that outsourcing jobs “is not always a terrible thing” and even manufactured Trump products in at least 12 different countries, many of which offer no labor or wage protections. And instead of punishing companies that threaten or move their jobs overseas, as he previous said he would do, Mr. Trump instead backtracked on a campaign promise and rewarded them with millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded corporate welfare.

Bustos first introduced the Overseas Outsourcing Accountability Act on January 11th with several fellow Heartland Democrats.