Congresswoman Bustos announces her State of the Union Guest: Sarah Miller from Galesburg

Bustos helped secure a $4 million forgivable loan to replace hundreds of lead drinking water pipes in Galesburg, including the Millers’

Washington, DC – Today Congresswoman Cheri Bustos announced that her guest at tomorrow’s State of the Union address will be Sarah Miller from Galesburg, Illinois. In April 2016, when news broke that Galesburg had exceeded the federal “action level” in ongoing E.P.A. tests for lead content in water, Congresswoman Bustos strongly advised the city to apply for funding through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. Over the next several weeks, working with city officials and the Illinois E.P.A., Bustos helped secure a $4 million forgivable loan through this program.

When this issue first broke in the news, Sarah Miller reached out to Congresswoman Bustos for help. Miller, a mother of two very young children, was enrolled in nursing school at the time. She had her water tested and it came back positive for lead, but to afford a new private service line replacement, Miller would have had to drop out of nursing school.

During her work on this issue, Congresswoman Bustos visited Miller in her home to listen to her concerns. When she left, Bustos committed to do everything in her power to help the Millers. This past August, after funding was secured, the Millers became one of several hundred families in the community to have their lead drinking water pipes replaced.

“Like all moms, Sarah wants the best for her children, but aging and out of date infrastructure put her family at risk,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “I was very proud to work with Galesburg officials to secure funding to protect the Millers and hundreds of other families from lead exposure in their drinking water, but their story underscores why we need to make a major federal investment in our nation’s infrastructure. While there are a lot of divisions between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, putting millions of Americans to work rebuilding our roads, bridges, inland waterways and drinking water infrastructure shouldn’t be a partisan issue. I’m hopeful that President Trump will make a real commitment in the State of the Union to pursue a bipartisan approach on this important priority.”