A Country That Works For Everyone

[[{“fid”:”226″,”view_mode”:”full”,”type”:”media”,”attributes”:{“height”:”360″,”width”:”680″,”alt”:”Martin Luther King Jr.”,”class”:”media-element file-full”}}]] By Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Growing up in central Illinois in the 1960s, I was taught at a young age the importance of treating everyone fairly, regardless of their race, ethnic background, religion or other personal characteristics. My Mom and Dad instilled in our family these basic American notions. As a […]

In the Spotlight: As a member of Congress, looking out for farmers

By Congresswoman Cheri Bustos As a young girl growing up in central Illinois, few things made me happier than my family's regular trips to my grandparents' hog farm in Milford. I'd spend hours outside, playing with the baby pigs while taking in the sights, sounds, and yes, the smells. Ever since those days, I've had […]