Bustos Votes to Advance Build Back Better Agenda

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) cast her vote in support of a budget resolution that will pave the way for President Biden’s Build Back Better Act and the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

This is the first step to advance the Build Back Better Agenda, which will deliver transformative, life-changing benefits for working families across the nation: creating jobs, cutting taxes for families and small businesses and lowering health care costs.

“Today, the House took a historic step to Build Back Better. By investing in child care, paid leave, tax cuts for the middle class and more, the Build Back Better Agenda has the potential to be the most transformative plan for the American people in generations,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “I was proud to cast my vote to pass the budget resolution and pave the way for American progress.”

The Build Back Better Agenda will:

  • Create more jobs: Historic investments in workforce training, research and development in American manufacturing, small business access to credit and investment and clean technology will create 2 million jobs each year over the next decade, while reducing carbon emissions 50 percent by 2030. By investing in American families through child care, paid leave, home-based care and universal free pre-K, the Build Back Better Agenda will strengthen the economic potential of parents in the workforce. It also includes historic investments in workforce training to connect workers to jobs, R&D to strengthen American manufacturing and small business access to credit and investment.
  • Cut Taxes: Forty million American families have already received a tax cut through the Biden Child Tax Credit, and the Build Back Better Agenda doubles down on those investments, resulting in one of the largest tax cuts for Americans in history.
  • Lower Costs: The Build Back Better Agenda will cut costs for child care, the price of medicine, home care and the cost of college, and for the first time, seniors will be able to get the hearing aids, glasses and dental care they need through Medicare.
  • Wealthy & Big Corporations Pay Fair Share: The Build Back Better Plan will deliver this progress for families and the middle class by ensuring that the wealthiest and big corporations pay their fair share. No one making under $400,000 will see an increase in their taxes from this bill, and instead, families will see massive tax cuts.