Bustos to Serve on House Appropriations Committee in 116th Congress

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) was appointed by the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee to serve as a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee for the 116th Congress. This appointment is expected to be finalized by the House Democratic Caucus next week.

As a former investigative journalist who most recently served on the House Agriculture and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees, Congresswoman Bustos will have a new platform to address the unique challenges facing Illinois and bring home real results for the 17th District. She also will serve as a watchdog to make sure taxpayer dollars are being used effectively.

“This appointment to the House Appropriations Committee will allow me to better advocate for Illinois families at the highest levels of Congress – ensuring the needs of our region are being met and properly funded by the federal government.

“To renew the promise of our region, one of my top priorities will be major investments in our infrastructure, ranging from our roads and bridges to our locks and dams. We also need to work harder to meet the needs of rural hospitals that provide critical care to families in small towns while adequately funding agriculture priorities like the research at the Peoria Agriculture Lab.

“As a former reporter, I also uncovered stories of greed and corruption in government – and in Congress, one of my top priorities has been to clean up the mess in Washington and make sure Congress is a better steward of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. With this committee assignment, I plan to help cut through red tape, rein in wasteful spending and make government work for the people of our region again.”

The Appropriations Committee is among the most powerful committees in the House – responsible for writing legislation that funds the full scope of the federal government’s important responsibilities and commitments. Congresswoman Bustos will continue to bring an important perspective from Illinois – prioritizing critical investments in agriculture, transportation infrastructure, job training, quality health care and rural broadband, among others.