Bustos Statement on Iran Conflict

Washington – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) released the following statement on the recent conflict with Iran:

“Last night, missiles rained down upon U.S. military bases in Iraq. Today, 15,000 more American troops are serving in the Middle East than six months ago. These facts demand that Congress exercise its constitutional oversight authority and ask tough questions: How did targeting Qasem Soleimani further our long-term security in the region? Are we safer today than we were before his death? I did not receive satisfactory answers to these questions at today’s classified briefing.

There appears to be an opportunity to de-escalate this conflict. While no one mourns Soleimani’s death, no one wants another protracted war in the Middle East.

For our troops serving in harm’s way, please know that I admire your service and stand with you. But also know that this Administration owes you—and the American people—a thoughtful, strategic foreign policy with Iran that secures our homeland and protects our troops and diplomats serving overseas.

I will continue to press the Administration for answers.”