Bustos Statement on House Democrats Infrastructure Plan

Washington – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) praised the Moving Forward Framework, a comprehensive infrastructure plan released by House Democrats. Released on the same day that the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) was signed into law, the Moving Forward Framework presents another opportunity for bipartisan agreement, spearheaded by House Democrats. The framework proposes an investment of $760 billion in infrastructure across the country, addressing America’s most urgent needs.

“Infrastructure is about making connections. Whether it’s people, products or information, the stronger our connections are, the stronger our country will be. The Moving Forward Framework is a great first step in strengthening those connections,” said Congresswoman Bustos. “On the day that the President signs the USMCA into law, House Democrats are again taking the lead and creating an opportunity to reach across the aisle and get something done. We must prioritize rebuilding our nation’s crumbling highways, improving our rail and airports, investing in a clean drinking water system and ensuring that our rural communities have access to broadband, and the infrastructure plan outlined today will do just that.”

Last year, Congresswoman Bustos testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, outlining the infrastructure priorities for Northwestern and Central Illinois. Many of those priorities, such as water infrastructure, roads and highways, and rural broadband, are championed in the Moving Forward Framework.

Highlights of the Moving Forward Framework

The Moving Forward Framework would invest $760 billion over the next five years in transforming America’s infrastructure to be smarter, safer and made to last.

  • $329 billion invested in rebuilding and maintaining our highway system.
  • $105 billion invested in improving transit.
  • $55 billion invested in maintaining and expanding our railway system.
  • $30 billion invested in upgrading our airports.
  • $50.5 billion invested in delivering clean water and wastewater to communities.
  • $10 billion invested in water infrastructure such as locks and dams.
  • $2.7 billion invested in cleaning up and restoring brownfield sites.
  • $25.4 billion invested in delivering clean drinking water to our communities.
  • $34.3 billion invested in clean energy.
  • $86 billion invested in broadband and communications infrastructure, including funding to increase rural broadband service.
  • $12 billion invested in upgrading and improving public safety communications, such as 9-1-1 services.