Bustos Releases EpiPen & Prescription Drug Cost Findings from Survey of 17th District Residents

From Friday-Tuesday, Bustos asked Constituents to share their thoughts on recent prescription drug issues

MOLINE, IL – On Friday, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos asked her constituents from Illinois’ 17th Congressional District to share their opinion on the recent news stories about the drug manufacturer Mylan charging upwards of $600 for a two-pack of EpiPens. In the survey, Bustos asked constituents several questions including whether they or a family member relies on EpiPens and if so, how much they paid out of pocket last year for EpiPens. The survey also asked whether they have insurance coverage or whether they’ve had trouble affording prescription drugs in the last year. Finally, the survey asked several open ended questions about what Illinoisans think should be done about the cost of prescription drugs and how the cost of EpiPens should be addressed.

“As your Representative in Congress, it’s critically important for me to hear input from the people I serve,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “When I first learned about the cost of life-saving EpiPens increasing by six hundred percent over the last seven years, I was very concerned and I wanted to know how this affects the families I represent. After conducting this survey, it’s very clear that rising prescription drug costs isn’t just a national issue, it’s also a very local issue that impacts thousands of families across Western and Central Illinois. When Congress gavels back into session this week, I will be working with my colleagues to develop solutions to lower the costs of prescription drugs while making them more accessible to those who depend upon them.”

Survey Results:

In total, nearly 1,300 responses were recorded. Below are the findings of the survey.