Bustos, Pritzker Announce more than $33 Million in Funding for Local Airports

MOLINE — Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) and Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that more than $33 million in federal and state funds will go to airports in Illinois’ 17th Congressional District. Statewide, $94 million will be awarded to revitalize public airports through the Rebuild Illinois capital program. The funding represents the largest statewide capital investment program for airports in state history. 

“It was an honor to join Governor Pritzker today to announce $94 million in funding for airports across Illinois, including $5.6 million for our Quad Cities International Airport,” said Congresswoman Bustos. “This historic investment will help improve safety and efficiency at airports big and small throughout the state – all while creating good-paying jobs in our communities. I look forward to seeing these funds, and the billions passed for aviation in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, put folks to work in Northwest and Central Illinois.” 

Funding for airports in Congresswoman Bustos’ district include:

General Wayne A. Downing-Peoria International Airport: $1,000,000 

  • State: $900,000
  • Local: $100,000

Chicago Rockford International Airport: $5,000,000

  • State: $4,500,000
  • Local: $500,000

Quad City International Airport: $5,642,600

  • State: $5,078,340
  • Local: $564,260

Kewanee Municipal Airport: $1,800,000

  • State: $1,620,000
  • Local: $180,000 

Galesburg Municipal Airport: $1,435,000

  • State: $1,291,500
  • Local: $143,500

Tri-Township Airport (Savanna, IL): $190,000 

  • State: $171,000
  • Local: $19,000

Ingersoll Airport (Canton, IL): $400,000

  • State: $360,000
  • Local: $40,000

Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport, (Peoria, IL): $705,000 

  • State: $634,500
  • Local: $70,500

Albertus Airport (Freeport, IL): $550,000

  • State: $495,000
  • Local: $55,000

Pekin Municipal Airport: $1,850,000 

  • State: $1,665,000
  • Local: $185,000

Last month, Bustos voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which was recently signed into law by President Biden. The historic infrastructure legislation includes:

  • $15 billion in funding for Airport Improvement Program projects. 
  • $5 billion for airport terminal development projects. 
  • $5 billion for Federal Aviation Administration facilities and equipment, including FAA-owned contract towers.

A fact sheet with information on Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds for Illinois can be found here