Bustos on CNN: President Should Sign Bipartisan Compromise to Keep Government Open, Secure Our Borders

WASHINGTON – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) was on CNN this morning to discuss the bipartisan compromise to secure our borders and keep the government open.

“If you look at this big picture – it was a huge, huge mistake to close down the government… to shut it down for 35 days… to have 800,000 federal workers not getting a paycheck.”

“If you look at this from a broader perspective, we are going to have policy differences with the President of the United States […] But that is what the legislative process is all about. We work through these… but we don’t have our federal workers not get paid as a result of us working out our policy differences.”

“[The government shutdown] was a total waste. As I said, it was unnecessary.”

“We believe in border security – we want to make sure that our citizens are safe and our country is safe […] If the president is saying this is some giant, big, long concrete wall, that is not the case.”

Watch Congresswoman Bustos discuss the latest by clicking HERE or below: