Bustos, Durbin Commemorate Future Site of World’s Largest 3D Metal Printer 

ROCK ISLAND — This week, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) joined Senator Dick Durbin at the Rock Island Arsenal to celebrate progress on the Jointless Hull Large Format Tool and commemorate the future site of the world’s largest 3D metal printer. 

During her decade representing the Illinois Quad-Cities, Congresswoman Bustos has worked with Senator Durbin to secure more than $172 million in funding to support work at the Rock Island Arsenal, including $45 million for the Jointless Hull project. Combined with the $829 million in federal infrastructure funding the lawmakers helped secure for the Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP), Bustos and Durbin have brought more than $1 billion to support programing conducted out of the Rock Island Arsenal. 

This year, Bustos also successfully included an additional $80 million in funding for the arsenal in legislation passed out of the House Appropriations Committee for FY 2023. 

Highlights from the Congresswoman Bustos’ remarks during the event’s press conference can be found below: 

“This is all about the future. The Arsenal is all about the future. It’s about the 21st century. 

We have gone from the factory floor to the foxhole in every single war and conflict that [America has]been involved with going back to the Civil War. This puts us in the military of the future.” 


“This is likely my last visit to the Rock Island Arsenal as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives. I asked my staff to look back and … what we’ve been able to bring to the Arsenal over those last ten years has been more than $1 billion.”


“We’ve heard the calling of the men and women who work here, the artisans who work here, to make sure that those jobs are not just saved but that we can grow and be an arsenal of the future.”


“Very very proud to be here today with my good friend Senator Durbin and very proud that we’ve been able to deliver for the Quad-City community. 


“This is one of our largest employers in this region, so we want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to do right by the Arsenal.”