Bustos Continues Efforts To Increase Government Transparency & Accountability Of Taxpayer Money

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) continued her efforts to increase government transparency and accountability of taxpayer money by supporting the bipartisan Digital Accountability and Transparency (DATA) Act

“Every year, report after report is cranked out concluding the same thing – too many federal government programs are inefficient, costly, ineffective or all of the above.  And yet every year, these conclusions are largely ignored and as a consequence, billions of dollars are wasted while many programs continue to operate without concrete goals or standards for success,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.  “To help reduce our deficit and get our fiscal house in order, the bipartisan legislation I supported today will allow us to track federal spending on one website.  This will serve as a helpful tool for both taxpayers and policy makers as we continue to look for common sense and bipartisan ways to protect taxpayers from waste, fraud and abuse of their hard-earned money.”

The DATA Act would improve and expand federal fiscal accountability by requiring more standardized reporting of federal spending posted to a single website, allowing citizens and agencies to more easily identify improper payments, waste and fraud.  This bill passed the Senate on a bipartisan basis earlier this month.

Bustos has advocated strongly for bipartisan, common sense approaches to cutting unnecessary government spending and reducing the deficit in a balanced way that does not harm working families.    

The first bill Bustos introduced was the Government Waste Reduction Act, which attacks billions of dollars in government waste and helps ensure government programs are more economical, efficient, and effective.  Building on that effort, she partnered with Illinois’ Republican Senator Mark Kirk to put forth the Government Transformation Act that would cut duplicative services and root out waste in government.  This bill was incorporated into No Labels’ “Make Government Work” legislative package.

Last fall, Bustos led an effort with Republican Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19) to stop paying tax dollars to deceased people.  Supported by more than 65 members of the House of Representatives, the Improper Payments Agency Cooperation Enhancement (IPACE) Act curbs improper payments to the deceased and could potentially save the government from wasting billions in taxpayer money.

Bustos is also recognized as a No Labels’ “Congressional Problem Solver” due to her dedication to working across the aisle to find reasonable solutions to our nation’s problems.  No Labels is a group of House and Senate Democrats and Republicans who meet on a regular basis to build trust across the aisle and to develop solutions for the American people.