Bustos calls out President Trump for breaking campaign promise to lower the price of prescription drugs through Medicare negotiation

Trump’s announced plan excludes the most substantive step he could take to make prescription drugs more affordable for hardworking families

Bustos helped introduce Democratic Better Deal on Lowering Prescription Drug Prices last summer which included this common-sense proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices

Moline, IL – Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos expressed great disappointment that President Trump decided not to keep his campaign promise to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. This common-sense step would help protect millions of Americans from being gouged on the cost of prescription drugs. As a member of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, Bustos helped introduce the Democrats’ Better Deal on Prescription Drug Prices which includes this cost-reducing proposal.

“On the campaign trail, President Trump promised to bring down the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “By breaking that promise today, he’s telling millions of Americans to suck it up and deal with skyrocketing drug prices – that’s a raw deal. Democrats are committed to delivering a Better Deal to reduce the cost of medication that millions of families depend on to live healthy lives.”

You can read the full Better Deal to Lower the Costs of Prescription Drugs by clicking here.