As Trump Trade War officially starts hurting farmers Across the Heartland, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Denounces President’s Broken Promises

Bustos spent part of Wednesday with a Farmer in Berwick, Illinois planting Soybeans as news broke about China stopping the purchase of U.S. Soybeans

Moline, IL- On Wednesday, as Bloomberg News reported “China has essentially stopped buying U.S. [soybean] supplies amid the brewing trade war,” Congresswoman Cheri Bustos was out on a farm in Berwick, Illinois with a farmer planting soybeans for the coming season. As Bustos noted in a recent op-ed, if Illinois was a country, it would be the fourth largest producer of soybeans in the world. Because 25 percent of Illinois’ soybean harvest is exported to China, President Trump’s trade war has now officially started hurting hardworking farmers across the heartland.

“The only reason China has stopped buying U.S. soybeans is because President Trump launched a trade war with no strategy behind it. Well, wars have casualties and it’s hardworking farmers across the heartland who are now paying a very real price for President Trump’s reckless and impulsive decisions,” said Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. “The very survival of small towns across rural America depends primarily upon our agricultural economy so this is devastating news that will kill jobs on farms, in the shipping industry and even in small businesses across the heartland. We absolutely must do more to address our trade deficit with China, but by bumbling into a trade war with no strategy, no clear objectives and no concern for consequences, President Trump’s actions are hitting farmers directly in their wallets.”