Franki Cunningham

“I am my father’s guardian. For the past several years I had been receiving my fathers 1099’s for taxes from DFAS. I did not receive them for 2016. I contacted DFAS and they informed me that they sent them to his former address. I informed that I needed a change of address. They could not do that because the guardianship documents that I sent were over 3 years old. I contacted the attorney that helped with the guardianship. We then had a three-way conference call with DFAS, and they stated the same information. Our tax person used the previous years numbers to file for 2016. This year, I decided to check with the VA office at the Rock Island County Building. He informed me that he could not help me because the VA + DFAS do not work together on cases. I remembered about the ombudsman’s position at Congresswoman office. I called and staff was extremely helpful and eventually restored my issues with DFAS.

P.S.  My father is a 93 soon to be 94-year-old World War 2 veteran. He served 20 years with the U.S Navy. He worked at the Rock Island Arsenal for 30 years after his discharge from the Navy. I can not believe that the different branches of government services do not work together. I requested information from OPM. VA. Social Security without any issues. I have been receiving information from DFAS prior to 2016. Not sure what changed. I can’t imagine what happens to Veterans that do not have anyone to advocate for them.”

Franki Cunningham, Moline