Kathleen Vaughn

“I applied for Social Security Disability in February of 2016. After 2 denials, I wrote a letter to Rep. Bustos on 5-3-17. I was very frustrated with how slow the appeal process moved and was unable to keep up with my house payment and utility bills.

I received a prompt reply from her Peoria office. Although due to House Ethics rules, she was unable to make any attempt to influence the outcome, she monitored my situation on a monthly basis and kept me informed. My case was expedited, and I had my hearing on 5-1-18, which resulted in a fully favorable ruling. I really feel that Ms. Bustos monitoring of the situation helped my case move through the appeal process quicker than it would have otherwise. I was in dire financial straits and thankfully the hearing turned out favorably.

I am very proud that Cheri Bustos represents my Congressional District and was actually surprised and so pleased that she cared enough about me as an induvial to keep up with the status of my situation until it was resolved.”

Kathleen Vaughn, Aledo