Steven Robert Carlson

“First of all, I’d like to thank you and your office for the successful attempt to help me in acquiring the Military awards that were not included on my records after I was discharged from the Navy in December 1972.”

“When I found information on the internet in 2015 during my recuperation from triple bi-pass surgery, that I should have been awarded additional ribbons and medals while serving as an Oceans System Technician, I never dreamed that I may actually have them added to my military records after 45 years, but I was determined to find out.”

“In 2016 my first attempt to have my records updated, I went to the VA office that was once located in Moline in late April. Forms were filled out and sent to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis to get copies of my records and see if it was  possible that they would find additional information that would indicate that indeed I had earned more awards. After almost 7 months I received a letter and copies of my service records and was told no other ribbons or medals were earned other than the National Defense Medal and (1) Meritorious Unit Commendation that was on my DD215. Looking back, I should have included that information I had found on the internet but I did not. I knew the documentation I had, from Navy sources, indicated I had earned additional ribbons and medals, including additional Meritorious Unit Commendations, a Navy Unit Commendation, and Navy Good Conduct ribbon/medal and after talking with, and emailing various agencies and getting nowhere, I was given the advice to contact my local congressman, which turned out to be Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.”

“After contacting her office and making copies of all the documentation that I obtained on the internet including my service records, within a month or so, her office contacted me and whether or not her office was my last resort, I received a copy of a DD215 Correction form from the National Personnel Records Center indicating I had indeed earned an additional Meritorious Unit Commendation, a Navy Unit Commendation, and a Navy Good Conduct award that has been added to my records.”

“Words can’t describe how relieved I am to know that now my military records are up to date.”

“This was a quest to update my military records that for some reason or another, were not, while on active duty, to include those awards to my records even though many years have passed and many had said that it could not be done…Cheri Bustos’ office provided otherwise.”

Steven Robert Carlson, Moline