Michael L. Miroux

“Beginning in April 0f 2012, I began the task of obtaining my father’s military records while he enlisted in the Army. I initially contacted the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, to determine if the records were available. The records needed to answer my inquiry were destroyed on July 12, 1973, by a fire that destroyed the major portion of records of Army military personnel.”

“Injured in combat on October 3, 1952 in North Korea, he was taken to the 24th Evac Hospital APO#234 to receive medical treatment. As a result of his injuries, medical records were discovered at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA provided a control number and reported that the medical records were doing everything possible to accommodate my request in a timely manner, which I understood would take some time to retrieve.”

“After a year had past, I wrote to the VA to determine the status of my request. I did not get a response. Subsequent years would yield negative responses from the VA.”

“In June of 2017, I contacted Representative Cheri Bustos for assistance in obtaining my father’s medical records in Kansas City. In July, I received a CD from the VA which contained my father’s medical records and a synopsis of his injuries he suffered on October 3, 1952. What was taking me years to accomplish, unsuccessful, took Representative Bustos less than a month to achieve a positive outcome.”

Michael L. Miroux, Moline