Mayor Leon Ricca

“I don’t know what we would have done without the help of your office!!! We at the Village were literally at a loss when we realized the predicament that we were left in after our last bookkeeper was dismissed. We reached out to the IRS in June for help with abatement from penalties and interest charges due to our circumstances. But it wasn’t until your office got involved in August that we seemed to get the process moving. We contacted your office at the beginning of August and staff helped us file the correct forms and send them in to the correct department. Staff kept in contact with me during the process, updating me as it went along. Staff never made me feel as though it was a bother to help us or to update us! Your staff is an absolute blessing for your office as well as the people of Illinois! In September we received information from the IRS that they had granted us the waiver of penalties. What could have been a HUGE liability to the Village of Bartonville was recuded by $528.oo! I can’t thank you enough! We couldn’t have done this without your help! Thank you, Congresswoman Bustos.”

Leon Ricca, Mayor of Bartonville, IL