Rudolph Rasso

“I learned the hard way that working with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could be a literal nightmare. As executor of my brother’s estate, I had submitted his professionally-prepared tax documents so that his remaining assets could be distributed as his will directed. Soon after I sent his taxes to the IRS, I was notified that a death certificate was necessary, so that was sent without delay. And then, we waited and waited and waited some more for the modest refund to arrive. After eight months and four visits to the Davenport IRS office (requiring several hours of waiting for service) the situation still wasn’t resolved. In desperation, we sought the help of Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. Immediately after calling Ms. Bustos’ Rock Island office, we were contacted by staff member Tiana McCall. Within the week, she was able to determine the source of the problem and assisted us with its resolution. She continued to follow through until the long-anticipated refund check was at last received. The response on the part of Ms. McCall was professional, prompt, and in my opinion, absolutely impressive, given the prolonged runaround that my wife and I previously endured with the IRS. We now know that Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’ office is the place to START if we experience any federally-related problems again, particularly those involving tax matters. It’s nice to know that someone out there really ‘has your back.’ Thank you, Congresswoman Bustos.”

Rudolph Rasso, Silvis