Congresswoman Cheri Bustos

Representing the 17th District of Illinois
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Standing Up For Women

Advocating for women and families has been a continued focus throughout my life and career.  I have always firmly believed that women should have equal opportunities and the ability to voice their opinions on community issues – whether the setting is in workplace, in the classroom or in the public sector.

As a working mom who raised three sons, I have experienced many of the issues, and challenges, women face first hand.  I support equal pay for equal work, support a woman’s right to choose, support renewing and strengthening the Violence Against Women Act and believe that women should continue to have access to preventative health and family planning services.

More on Standing Up For Women

Sep 9, 2015

Washington, D.C. - Today Congresswoman Cheri Bustos thanked working families from across the 17th Congressional District for being a part of her most productive district work period to date. In all, Rep. Bustos held over 40 official events, meetings and job fairs during the August Congressional recess which ran from July 31 - September 7th.

Jun 10, 2015
Today, on the 52nd anniversary of President John F. Kennedy signing the Equal Pay Act into law, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos called on Congress to act to close the still persistent wage gap between men and women by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act.
May 18, 2015
Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos issued the following statement celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of Head Start:
May 7, 2015

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos wants her lawmakers to help ensure economic security for women.

It's part of her tour across Illinois. Today, she stopped in Moline at the Boys and Girls Club with Texas congressman Joaquin Castro. The representatives said it's about fair wages and more.

May 6, 2015

Cheri Bustos remembers what it was like to work crazy hours while trying to raise children. And she had a husband as well as a job that paid decent wages.

The U.S. Representative from the 17th District said Tuesday it is hard to imagine what single mothers who work as much as they can to put food on the table for their children go through, especially when minimum wage doesn’t meet the needs of a family and the disparity between wages for men and women remains significant.

May 5, 2015

PEORIA - Congresswoman Cheri Bustos makes a stop in Central Illinois Tuesday to discuss advancing women in the workplace. It's all part of the 17th Congressional District Representative’s "Cheri on Shift."

At Myah's Learning Center in Peoria, Bustos continued her week-long women's economic security tour. Tuesday, she highlighted the need for affordable and accessible child care for working families.

Bustos also visited a woman-owned business in Cuba to discuss her new report on the state of women's economic security in our region and the country.

May 5, 2015

PEORIA, Ill. -- 17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos was in Peoria today for her week long Women's Economic Security Tour.


Bustos says women have come a long way in the workplace and when women succeed, families and communities do as well.



The congresswoman visited Myah's Learning Center in Peoria to discuss the need for affordable and accessible child care for hard working families.


May 5, 2015

    PEORIA — Easy access to affordable child care is crucial for women working to get ahead, U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos said Tuesday during a tour of Myah’s II Learning Center during which she played with infants, read to pre-kindergarten kids and dispensed plenty of hugs.


    The East Moline Democrat continued a multi-day tour of the district focusing on issues of importance to women — topics she said included equal pay legislation, funding for early childhood education, improved access to education for women and more options for affordable child care.


May 1, 2015

Today, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) announced that she will kick off a week-long women’s economic security tour with a roundtable discussion with women business owners. Bustos will spend the week touring Northwest and Central Illinois to discuss her new report on the state of women’s economic security in our region, state and country.

Apr 14, 2015

Decades ago, raising three small boys in Northwest Illinois, my husband and I worked opposite shifts for years. When I was a cub newspaper reporter, I worked second shift and would arrive home from the newsroom each night just in time for my husband to leave for his graveyard shift as a rookie cop. The constant trade-offs were exhausting, and we missed spending quality time together as a family — and as husband and wife.