It was great to chat with students at @MaurerLawGLS about my #EndForcedArbitration for sexual assault & harassment law. It’s vital our next generation of lawyers understand these new rights & what it means for survivors. Thank you, Professor Dau-Schmidt, for having me!

We're bringing good jobs to Northwest & Central IL to support families and grow our community!

I'm proud to put #PeopleOverPolitics and pass legislation that helped create 17,900 jobs in our district since @POTUS came to office.

As the wife of a Sheriff, I know how vital it is that emergency responders have the tools, resources & training they need to keep every community safe.

That's why I voted to pass a package of four bills focused on supporting local law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Thank you, Ambassador @DKambUSA, for welcoming me into your home to celebrate the strong bond between 🇺🇸 and 🇩🇰.

It was an honor to welcome Danish PM Mette Frederiksen to Washington and discuss our country's recent accomplishments in transitioning to clean energy.

This just in! WE are thrilled to announce that Technologist and activist @tanuja822 and Carrie Ward, the CEO of the @ICASA_endrape will join WE's @CheritaEllens and @RepCheri for our #SilencedNoMore event on 10/6.

To register, visit

Again and again, domestic violence survivors remain in abusive relationships in part because they can't afford child care. It's vital survivors have access to affordable, reliable and flexible child care to build a safe and stable life for their children.

Affordability is one of the biggest challenges for families using #childcare. Many families spend entire paychecks on child care payments. Affordability becomes even more complex for survivors of DV, especially survivors of color. 1/6

Today, I'm voting to protect our democracy from any attempt to overturn a Presidential election. We must always ensure a peaceful transfer of power and uphold the will of the American people.

The House is planning to vote Wednesday on an electoral reform bill that seeks to prevent future presidents from trying to overturn election results through Congress.

"[MAGA Republicans] want to criminalize women's choices, they want to send Uncle Sam to the doctor's office with us... This is extreme and we need to talk about that."